All Tiered cakes are custom made, specializing in each customers desires. Prices will vary based on size/serving amounts, choice of frosting and level of difficulty and design. For a custom quote please contact us via Phone, text, in store, email or Facebook private message.

Round Single
​Tier Cakes

6 inch 2 layer cake   
$17 serves 5-8 people. 

8 inch 2 layer cake
$27 serves 12-15

​8 inch 3 layer cake
$37 Serves 18-21

9 inch 2 layer cake
$33 serves 15-18   

9 inch 3 layer cake
$47 Serves 25-28

10 inch 2 layer cake
$55 serves 27-30

12 inch 2 layer cake
$75 serves 35-40 people.

Mini cupcakes
​(must be ordered by the dozen
1 flavor per dozen)

Regular size cupcakes
$2.00 each or $24/dozen
​(4 flavors per dozen max)

​Large Cupcakes
$3.75/each or $45/dozen

Jumbo Cupcake
Perfect for a small office party
 ​or used as a smash cake.
​Serves 8-10 people


Quarter Sheet Cake
​starting @ $30.00
serves 24 

Half sheet
​starting @ $55.00​    serves 48-50

​Double layer half sheet
​starting @ $110.00    serves 96-100

​Full Sheet 
​Starting at $120
​serves 100 

*All prices listed are for iced cakes/cupcakes using buttercream, cream cheese, or chocolate icing, with a boarder and sprinkles, any custom decoration will result in an upcharge*

Sheet Cakes

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Tiered Cakes